Shark Corp 21-2225 10-Inch Prybar and Nail Puller


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10" Pry Bar/Nail Puller/Scrapper

Forged heat-treated Cr-V alloy. Ends are tempered to Rockwell 50-52 hardness

Nail puller end (Rockwell 50-52 hardness) bites into head/headless hardened nails

Curved thin blade easily prys into tight spots and lifts molding with very little damage

Back of the puller doubles as a striking surface

Scraper is great for stripping away old paint

Can be resharpened and deburred with a file

Dual-purpose pry bar and nail puller with a hand-sharpened, double-tempered blade

Pries into any tight spot with ease and less damage to walls

Super thin, curved blade that lifts crown molding and small-head or no-head nails

Back of the puller doubles as a striking surface

10-inches long; weighs 13.6-ounces shipped

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Size:Pack of 1 Product Description SharkGrip prybars are the thinnest flat bars on the market. The tool is a combination prybar/nail puller and it's great for prying off molding with virtually no damage to the surrounding wall or the molding itself. Its super-thin design lets it slide into the narrowest cracks imaginable. It's perfect for aligning windows and doors during installation... removing carpet strips... staples... it even doubles as a multipurpose scraper, great for stripping away old paint and smoothing rough surfaces. This high-quality performance tool makes jobs faster and more precise. The 10-inch pry bar and nail puller from Shark is made with high-quality hardened steel alloy and it has the thinnest blade available on the market, so it will pry into any tight spot with ease and less damage to wall and molding surface. The curve of the blade is designed to lift molding easily with just a twist, and it's so sharp that it will remove any nail -- including small or no-head nails lodged in the wall or any other material. See all Product description